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wausauloner - Sun Nov 02 2014

08:12 AM #
Radio reports say we lost a couple of our ducks. The Reapers brought in some speedboats and now control the river almost to Weston. #zombies

08:16 AM #
The damage could have been worse. Shawn and most of the other duck drivers eluded pursuit by leaving the water, then re-entered past a dam.

08:18 AM #
Dent's marines, firing from shore, discouraged the Reapers from making a landfall near the old Weston power plant. They sunk 11 of 20 boats.

09:45 AM #
The Reapers have begun their attack on the palisade outer wall of The Farm Colonies. They're using modern-day trebuchets made of steel.

09:48 AM #
That kind of attack, as we saw in Stevens Point last year, can be effective, but it's slow. So, there's that. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

09:51 AM #
The real attack will begin once the outer wall is damaged in multiple locations. Those are the places the zombie wagons will crash into.

10:56 AM #
Troops from our allies, held in reserve until now, are being deployed on the North side of The Farm Colonies. They won't engage just yet...

10:58 AM #
But their presence there will secure the flank and give Anon's forces something to think about should they be close to making a big move.

11:02 AM #
Our allies promised to send more troops if and when Anon fully committed his army to attack us (and not on them). That time is now. #zombies

02:51 PM #
The Reapers have made a couple of probing attacks at The Farm Colonies. They're keeping up pressure and looking for weak points. #zombies

02:54 PM #
So far, every time the Reapers move into rifle range, our own sharpshooters are able to make them pay dearly. Our casualties are very light.

02:57 PM #
Eventually, maybe tonight if the Reapers hold true to form, an attack will come that's too big and our troops will have to fall back.

03:00 PM #
There are several fortified layers to the defenses at The Farm Colonies. We'll need every one of them to work for us to win. #zombies

03:03 PM #
Tonight will be a big test. Darkness will give the Reapers some cover. They'll be able to get closer before coming under accurate fire.

04:10 PM #
Good news on the radio: Reinforcements from our allies on Washington Island and Mackinac Island are almost here! I'm off to meet them.

04:13 PM #
I'm told a large contingent from Tesomas has already joined the fight on 29, adding substantial strength to that flank. We need the help.

04:16 PM #
If that flank stays secure and the islanders can help keep this side from coming under complete Reaper control, we might have a chance.

05:02 PM #
We could hear it here on the east side of Wausau before the radio reports came in: There are loud booms coming from The Farm Colonies.

05:04 PM #
It's a steady drumbeat, the result of firing some big salvaged artillery piece the Reapers found someplace. Real military hardware. #zombies

05:07 PM #
It sounds like there's only one gun involved. Even so, as long as it has ammunition, it will do terrible damage to Farm Colony defenses.

05:10 PM #
Angie's up in the chopper, on her way to pick up Dent. He needs to have a look at the situation. Maybe we can take the gun out somehow.

05:13 PM #
The noise is so loud that even the zombies here, several miles away, are taking notice and shuffling off to the west. This could be bad.

05:17 PM #
It pains me to leave, but I have to go meet up with the islanders at Hatley. They need a guide to get them into the fight quickly. #zombies

05:46 PM #
Still waiting for the islanders to show up. In the meantime, I heard Dent's analysis of the situation with that big gun the Reapers have...

05:49 PM #
He says it is half a mile away from The Farm Colonies, firing from deep behind the Reaper lines. No raid or weaponry we have can reach it.

05:52 PM #
Angie's helicopter is the only asset we have that could reach it, but getting close enough to damage the gun would be suicidal. #zombies

05:56 PM #
Pete came on the radio at that point and nixed any idea that would involve losing the chopper. The intel it gives us is too valuable.

05:58 PM #
The islanders are checking in with the right codes on the CB. Time to bring them into the fight! #zombie #zombies #apocalypse #zompocalypse

06:36 PM #
My team just got on the radio: They've noticed a sudden influx of more Reaper units entering our operational area under cover of darkness.

06:38 PM #
We thought the Reapers were treating our zone as a backwater in this conflict... Something is up. Did they know the islanders were coming?

06:41 PM #
We don't have time to let them set up their defenses. I have to link up this force with my team and start doing some serious damage.

07:31 PM #
We took some prisoners in a sharp conflict out near J where the Mountain Bay bike trail crosses. The Reapers weren't watching the trail.

07:34 PM #
Most of the prisoners are true believers, but one is willing to talk. He says they got new orders a couple hours ago. #zombies #zompocalypse

07:37 PM #
Instead of closing the noose, Anon wanted the forces in the east to make sure nobody from further east got past them. Interesting. #zombies

07:42 PM #
Why would Anon take some pressure off of our troops fighting to keep the back side of the Farm Colonies secure? Is it about the zombies?

07:43 PM #
Is he truly expecting the zombies of Wausau to follow the sound of that gun and join in the siege of the Colonies? Many ARE moving that way.

07:46 PM #
Well, if Anon wants something, we want the opposite. This fight just got escalated. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

09:01 PM #
Outnumbered. Surrounded. Got ourselves into a fight we're not going to win. Most of our forces pulled back. I got stuck.

09:03 PM #
That one was close. The wall nearly went. Kurt...May... tell Pete, tell Sue... I tr