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wausauloner - Mon Nov 03 2014

11:29 AM #
Just dug myself out of the rubble. I was knocked out. Left for dead…Undead, given what could have gone down. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

11:32 AM #
My Blackberry's screen is cracked, but it looks like it still works, right? Anybody reading me? Does the DARPA station still relay tweets?

11:35 AM #
OK. I see my tweets are still reaching other worlds. Thanks for checking in…

11:38 AM #
I don't know how long I was out or what's been happening. My radio was crushed when the roof collapsed. I have to get to another safehouse.

11:41 AM #
First…I have to take care of a couple of friends who didn't make it and wouldn't want to be left in the state they're in.

04:54 PM #
I'm just on the other side of the river from my home. It was the nearest safehouse I could find that wasn't compromised. #zombie #zombies

04:57 PM #
There are Reapers on the old pedestrian bridge. Not a good sign. Dent's marine special forces team was supposed to hold it. #zombie #zombies

05:01 PM #
If they aren't…then what happened to Pete? This area wasn't even a priority for the Reapers, last we knew. Or thought we knew. #zombies

05:03 PM #
I wish I knew what was going on. There was no spare secure radio at the safehouse. It's too dangerous to use the portable CB that was there.

09:01 PM #
I've worked my way through zombie-held Wausau to Ruth's house, the only place I could reach on foot where I knew there was a secure radio.

09:04 PM #
This area is an island of security in an area full of zombies. The Reapers haven't come here yet. Ruth has been watching out for them.

09:07 PM #
She has also been listening to the radio and has gotten me caught up with the progress of our fight against the cult. #zombie #zombies

09:10 PM #
First off, the reason I couldn't get past Reapers to get back to my home is because Dent and his men evacuated Pete from the neighborhood.

09:13 PM #
They caught a couple of Reaper infiltration teams moving into the area. The cultists seemed to be focused on watching I39, not my home…

09:17 PM #
But rather than take the risk that Pete was the target, the marines and Pete bugged out. A small team also relocated to Mosinee Hill.

09:19 PM #
They're at the DARPA station, providing security for Kurt and May as they monitor my tweets and the machines watching The Anomaly.

09:22 PM #
Meanwhile, out at The Farm Colonies, that big artillery piece of the Reapers' is still dropping shells on our friends. #zombies

09:25 PM #
It isn't firing very accurately when it is shooting at the unseen interior of The Farm Colonies, but it is making a mess of the outer walls.

09:28 PM #
That's in fitting with our theory that the Reapers are using the noisy artillery to attract the undead of Wausau to the battle. #zombies

09:31 PM #
If they can summon a few tens of thousands of hungry walking corpses to the Colonies' damaged walls, the zombies might ramp right over them.

09:34 PM #
Even if the zombies don't arrive on that kind of scale, having a horde of them moving right into the planned retreat route is a problem.

09:37 PM #
Kurt and May up on Mosinee Hill, as well as observers up on Rib, have confirmed that the undead are streaming through the gap between them.

09:40 PM #
It's a river of hungry, undead flesh, trampling a path towards the battle. They should start arriving at The Farm Colonies by first light.

09:43 PM #
Kurt and May report the zombies have already done major harm to their home's fence as too many dead pushed into it in some spots.

09:46 PM #
They can't go back down to their home now. In fact, they're stuck on Mosinee Hill as the dead flow around it. #zombies #zompocalypse

09:49 PM #
The Wilmuth farm, where I was when this whole zombie plague broke out just over five years ago, is a dusty ruin. #zombies #zompocalypse

09:52 PM #
Whew. I think Ruth dosed the whiskey she gave me with something to knock me out. She said I need rest. Maybe have a concussion. um. goodnite