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wausauloner - Tue Nov 04 2014

06:55 AM #
Oh man...the pounding in my head is real and it's synchronized with that damned, distant Reaper artillery. OK, gotta snap awake here...

06:58 AM #
I have to get going again...need to get back into the fight...but Ruth won't give me my bow until I eat. So I'll text tweets while I do:

07:02 AM #
There are a few new developments in the battle since last night: none of them good. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

07:04 AM #
Artillery shelling at The Farm Colonies continues to attract the attention of every zombie in Wausau. They're all shambling westward.

07:07 AM #
The Reaper plan is working. They've turned the zombie horde of Wausau, our ersatz rear guard, into a weapon they're using against us.

07:10 AM #
The wave of undead has blocked our peoples' escape route and threatens the Farm Colonies directly. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

07:13 AM #
There are already a few hundred zombies at the wall. Thousands more will be there within a few hours. By nightfall, maybe tens of thousands.

07:16 AM #
Our allies, nipping at the flanks of the Reaper forces on the other side of The Farm Colonies, are finding more resistance than expected.

07:19 AM #
It sounds like the Reapers have actually set up most of their forces facing outwards, not inwards towards The Farm Colonies.

07:22 AM #
Oh crap… I think I know what they're doing. I have to get Dent's opinion. If they're doing what I think they are, we need a new plan.

08:25 AM #
We were right. But too late. Our allies, finding the Reapers ready to counterattack them with unexpected force are now in full retreat.

08:28 AM #
Our warning got to them after the morning's attacks were launched--right into the teeth of a superior force. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

08:31 AM #
The retreat order was given quickly, perhaps saving our allies from annihilation, but losses were still steep. #zombies #zompocalypse

08:34 AM #
It now appears that the Reapers never intended to make a frontal assault on The Farm Colonies. They only wanted us to think they planned to.

08:37 AM #
Their plan all along was to use the sounds of battle to attract tens of thousands of undead from Wausau to the Colonies. #zombie #zombies

08:40 AM #
The Reapers are now chasing down our allies, leaving only a small force behind to keep our friends pinned inside the Colonies' walls.

08:43 AM #
Dent and I believe the Reapers want to catch our allies in the field and defeat them in detail before they can get behind walls again.

08:47 AM #
Maybe the warning we just gave will be enough for our allies to find a defensive position where they can equalize the odds somewhat.

08:49 AM #
There's not much more I can do for them from here. Besides, I have another mystery to solve: More Reapers are moving up I39. #zompocalypse

08:52 AM #
They've got strong forces to their east, putting up a virtual wall to keep our forces out of the Wausau metro area. #zombies #zompocalypse

08:56 AM #
Our forces up on Rib, like Kurt, May, and some of Dent's special forces marines on Mosinee Hill, are stuck where they are, safe but isolated

08:58 AM #
The high ground is protecting them from the current of undead, flowing around them en route to The Farm Colonies. #zombies #zompocalypse

09:02 AM #
The rest of the marines are with Pete, making sure he's safe. At the moment, they're hunkered down as the zombie horde passes them by.

09:04 AM #
In summary, our forces are stretched thin and caught too far away from where the Reapers on I39 are going. Except for me and Ruth. #zombies

09:07 AM #
As good a shot as she is, Ruth's age has been catching up with her lately. Hiking a few miles through chaos is beyond her means... #zombies

09:10 AM #
So, like that day five years ago when the dead rose, I have to fight both zombies and men alike as I make my way across a city in ruins...

09:13 AM #
Ruth is giving me her spare police radio, so I'll be able to tune in for updates. I'll tweet my own as I can. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

09:41 AM #
Reapers in downtown Wausau. They're trying to avoid confrontations with the dead. Just trying to keep an eye out for guys like me. #zombies

09:44 AM #
But this is my territory. They don't know their way around this place like I do. It will take time, but I can get around them. #zombies

10:56 AM #
I made it past the Reapers downtown and over to the west side of the river undetected. There are fewer zombies around, that's for sure.

10:59 AM #
Most of the dead still here are of the less mobile variety. Crawlers, mainly, but also some that are simply in bad shape. #zombies #zombies

11:02 AM #
I still have to watch out for zombies that are trapped in buildings and fenced-in backyards, which is mostly what I'm moving through.

12:10 PM #
Pausing to let a throng of zombies move past me...Listening to the radio on an earpiece while I hide in an old van...Getting some updates...

12:14 PM #
Between the Reaper artillery and the zombie horde, The Farm Colonies' outer walls have failed. The inner defenses are under pressure.

12:16 PM #
The mobile forces of our allies have, for the most part, been forced to make a stand against the Reapers at the nearest available shelter.

12:19 PM #
In each case, the Reapers have surrounded our troops and are bringing zombie wagons into the battle, though none have yet been deployed.

12:22 PM #
Time to get moving. I'm not doing anybody any good hiding from a few zombies in this van. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

01:02 PM #
Geez, the satellite phone's ring almost got me caught by a pack of undead. But Ellen had to call: She had an Anon sighting. #zombie #zombies

01:04 PM #
He's in the Reaper column that's heading up I39. He's between Point and Mosinee with that big vehicle that looks like a firetruck but isn't.

01:07 PM #
With all that's going on, Anon's route suggests he's not planning to be involved with any of the battles now in progress. #zombie #zombies

01:10 PM #
There's only one destination he could have in mind, so I'm heading there too: I'll meet him at The Anomaly. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

03:10 PM #
I'm in the attic of one of my oldest safehouses, just north of my home. I'm very close to The Anomaly. Reapers are everywhere. #zombies

03:13 PM #
I've never seen the zombie population this low here, not in the five years since the dead rose and began feeding upon the living. #zombies

03:16 PM #
I guess most of them shuffled off to The Farm Colonies, following the sound of that big artillery piece the Reapers used. It's silent now.

03:19 PM #
I guess they don't need to fire it anymore, not now that the zombies are besieging The Farm Colonies for them. #zombies #zompocalypse

03:22 PM #
There's been no sign of Anon or that big truck. I'm guessing he'll show up after what looks like a security sweep is over. #zombie #zombies

03:25 PM #
Through an air vent, I can see The Anomaly's green glow in the sky. I've stared at that thing often enough. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

03:29 PM #
Somehow, its appearance--at first a diffused green shimmer in the sky like what you see before a big storm or tornado--pre-saged everything.

03:31 PM #
It is a kind of weakness between worlds. It brought the zombie contagion here, from other Earths, and threatens still more parallel planets.

03:34 PM #
The weakness between worlds somehow also lets my tweets cross over to other Earths. So, if you can read this, your reality is in danger.

03:37 PM #
I don't know exactly what it takes for that breach in the barriers between dimensions to coalesce into something that will spread the plague

03:41 PM #
But I do know that other worlds, using nukes to try to stop the zombie plague, only succeeded in "juicing up" their own Anomalies. #zombies

03:43 PM #
I've been thinking. Anon says, crazed, of course, that he can summon lightning...and I know lightning has energized this Anomaly before...

03:47 PM #
What if he's coming here to try to arrange a lightning strike on The Anomaly? Past near misses have caused strange activity... #zombies

03:49 PM #
What would a direct strike do? Would a supercharged Anomaly blow apart the weakness between worlds, sending the zombie contagion on through?

03:52 PM #
I don't know. I really don't know how The Anomaly does what it does. Even the automated DARPA base monitoring it reveals no clues. #zombies

03:55 PM #
But Anon has always somehow known more about how The Anomaly and the zombie plague itself work. Maybe he knows what he's doing. #zombies

03:58 PM #
I can't take the chance that he will succeed. Whatever he wants to do, it can't be good. I intend to stop him. No matter the cost.

04:01 PM #
He'll be under heavy guard, but as they used to say about assassins, they're impossible to stop if they're willing to give up their lives.

04:34 PM #
I'm listening for nearby Reapers with one ear while listening to my police radio in the other. I have more bad news to share. #zombies

04:37 PM #
At The Farm Colonies, our people have shut down all resistance and have retreated to the innermost keep, abandoning the outer barriers.

04:40 PM #
They have put out all the fires and are no longer fighting to keep the undead from overtopping the last two wall systems. #zombie #zombies

04:43 PM #
It's a desperate attempt to get the zombies to forget that they have their prey trapped. Maybe the dead will go after the Reaper garrison.

04:46 PM #
To encourage the zombies to move past the Colonies, our friends are setting off remotely controlled bombs buried on the west side perimeter.

04:49 PM #
They were placed there under choke points on roads attacking Reaper vehicles would have used in a final assault. It's now or never, I guess.

04:52 PM #
Meanwhile, several of the scattered remnants of our formerly mobile forces have reported that the Reapers are assembling zombie wagons.

04:55 PM #
The defenses that have been thrown together in a few short hours will not hold up to those trucks ramming their way in with loads of undead.

05:25 PM #
With everyone at The Farm Colonies in hiding, the undead there are easily ramping over all but the final inner keep's walls. #zombies

05:28 PM #
A retreat or breakout attempt is no longer an option. ...Sue is in there. I just have to hope she can stay safe. #zombies #zompocalypse

05:31 PM #
Angie is up in her chopper, trying to get a look at what the zombies on the ground are doing. She's having a hard time seeing in the dark.

05:34 PM #
I'm listening to her radio report...she's sorry she can't tell more. She's moving on to get intel for some of our other trapped fighters.

05:37 PM #
Angie did a flyby over the industrial park on 72nd, northwest of Wausau, where a Fort NTC unit was trapped by the Reapers' rope-a-dope plan.

05:40 PM #
She was chased off by MG fire, but not before giving the warning that several Reaper zombie wagons were about to ram through a factory wall.

05:43 PM #
The Fort NTC radio operator on the scene is on the air... I'll share what she says... #zombie #zombies #apocalypse #zompocalypse

05:46 PM #
"Thanks for the heads-up, Angie. Our people are ready."

05:48 PM #
"We can hear the zombie wagons approaching. Ha, one driver is stuck in low gear. I can hear it grinding. Suicidal fool."

05:50 PM #
She's not kidding. Those zombie wagon drivers almost never survive.

05:52 PM #
"They smashed through the rear wall by the cargo ramps. Not all. More are circling, looking for weak points in the building."

05:54 PM #
"Oh my god...the zombies they released...they're...they're children..."

05:56 PM #
"Some of them look like they were killed recently..they're still limber, relatively fast...some shooters hesitated...just kids..."

05:59 PM #
"More trucks smashing through, this time by an admin area. Filing cabinets and papers flying everywhere...We've got fires..."

06:01 PM #
"Regular zombies this time...and lots of them...Holding our own for now. The shock of seeing kid Zs is past. Anger is taking over." #zombies

06:04 PM #
Something is up outside. More vehicles. I see some damned fancy command RVs rolling in, parking under The Anomaly. #zombie #zombies

06:07 PM #
The Reapers have lights set up in a ring around the area. One command RV flies Dezas orange, another Torq green, the third: Valdes purple.

06:10 PM #
Men are getting out...escorted by guards in breastplate armor and puffy shirts. Cruelty has no fashion sense. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

06:13 PM #
OK, three guys in color-coded capes. They must be the leaders of Anon's Inquisitor units, the guys who named themselves after dead Spaniards

06:16 PM #
Torquemada, Deza, and Valdes... If I had a rifle with a scope on it, I could kill all three. Though at this point, it might not matter.

06:19 PM #
The three Inquisitors are each assembling what have to be the most loyal, die-hard cultists in their retinues. Are they praying? #zombies

06:22 PM #
Hold on... I missed something on the radio... I hear screams coming from that factory building where the Fort NTC troops are under attack.

06:24 PM #
"They're huge! Bullets to the head don't stop them...metal collars protect their necks...fastest, strongest zombies we've ever seen..."

06:27 PM #
Crap crap crap crap! Anon knew! He knew all along! We should have expected he would know the trick Ellen planned to use to kill him...

06:29 PM #
That drugged-up madman from a few years ago who injected himself with zombie ichor couldn't have been the only one. We should have known...

06:32 PM #
This explains why Ellen said she knew there'd be plenty of caffeine pills and other stimulants at the supply station she tried to raid...

06:34 PM #
...Anon had been hoarding those pills to use today! He's deliberately creating bigger, bulkier, tougher zombies that head shots don't stop!

06:36 PM #
It sounds like he added twists: metal collars that stop our people from decapitating the hulks...body armor to stop massed crippling fire...

06:38 PM #
Those creatures can be brought down, but it will take a lot. Maybe too much for our people, already under duress, to handle... #zombies

06:41 PM #
I can't worry about that right now. Back here under The Anomaly, more vehicles are arriving. Fuel trucks. Armored vehicles. Troop carriers.

06:44 PM #
I'm well-hidden inside this attic, but I don't yet see what one man can do. I have to bide my time. Watch...listen...wait for an opportunity

06:51 PM #
Anon is here. I have my bow. I'm here in the dark. I might just be able to arc a single shot that far. Just one. Then I'd be caught, killed.

06:53 PM #
Maybe it would be enough. Maybe nobody else knows his plan. It can't be good. Maybe the cult would fall apart without him... #zombies

06:55 PM #
That truck Ellen's people saw is here. It's moving to the center of the area under The Anomaly that the Reapers have all lit up. #zombies

06:57 PM #
WTF? It's just some kind of mobile generator, like what emergency agencies used to use when storms cut power in an area, pre Z-day. #zombies

06:59 PM #
Anon is addressing his followers. That son of a bitch likes to talk. I'll type what he says...

07:02 PM #
"My dear, dear flock. You have served me well. All that remains on this world will soon be your reward. We have but one more holy task."

07:05 PM #
"The dead who walk this Earth, who came here through the essence that glows above us, are but the pathway to the next world." #zombies #cult

07:07 PM #
"They are the vessels of eternity through which we will all some day pass on to heaven. Theirs is the gift of rapture. Of undying service."

07:09 PM #
"But before we take what is ours of this world in reward for our service to eternity, we must ensure The Undying blesses new worlds."

07:11 PM #
"The efforts of the non-believers have prevented the doorway above us from reaching new worlds that still have not been blessed by undeath."

07:13 PM #
"I know how to swing that door wide bring The Undying to new worlds where it can conquer and spread, again and again and again."

07:16 PM #
"You have seen me call down the lightning. A mere trick of science that impresses the masses. Now you will see its true purpose." #zombies

07:17 PM #
Deza, Torquemada, and Valdes have appeared behind Anon... each is holding what looks like a large model rocket. WTF???" #zombie #zombies

07:20 PM #
"These rockets will carry cables high into the air. Connected to this generator and passing through the gateway, holy lightning will come."

07:23 PM #
"When it strikes, the gateway will open to new worlds, spreading The Undying, our holy mission. Then, we take what we want from this world."

07:25 PM #
I left out some more florid speech, but I think the gist of it is this: That generator is going to work up a heck of a static charge...

07:28 PM #
Those rockets are going to carry a cable skyward, through The Anomaly, providing a ready path for a sky-to-ground bolt, even without a storm

07:30 PM #
I remember seeing a news story, pre Z-day, about scientists who study lightning doing something similar. Anon must have seen it too.

07:33 PM #
When the bolt hits, The Anomaly will get the power it needs to break through all the way to other worlds, spreading the zombie contagion.

07:36 PM #
I have to stop him. If you're reading this, know that if I fail, your world will be lost to the undead next. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

07:45 PM #
I've snuck out of my safehouse and took the greens off a Torq who wandered near. Now to put them on and work my way in close. #zombies

07:47 PM #
I don't have much time. The generator is fueled and running. I can feel the hairs on my neck rise with the static charge building so close.

07:50 PM #
Kurt...May... I know you've been reading these at the DARPA base. You and the marines have to act if I fail.

07:52 PM #
I will keep texting my tweets in the dark. I've gotten pretty good at it over the last five years. Heh. I'm probably the best in the world.

07:54 PM #
Deza is about to fire his rocket. I'm too far! Wait...what was that? I heard a gunshot. Silenced. Military...the marines! It hit the rocket!

07:56 PM #
The rocket launched, but it spiraled up like a crippled helicopter, missing The Anomaly...veering far over me, mi

07:58 PM #
HOLY... that lightning was close! It hit the rocket and followed the cable down. Deza is dead. I don't know how. The lightning? #zombies

08:00 PM #
No! It was the marines! They're in a firefight with Anon's cultists. They got Deza. Chaos. Many Reapers running off to the west, shooting...

08:02 PM #
The smoking cable fell almost on top of me. It seems flimsy...OUCH...still hot. Still attached to the generator... Hm. Ah. Yes. Maybe.

08:04 PM #
The Reapers outnumber the marines considerably. Even those trained fighters can't last against so many cultists. I have to act now.

08:07 PM #
There...I've attached the cable to an arrow and shot it thru the thin wall of one of the tanker trucks near the generator. No one noticed.

08:09 PM #
Just in time. The battle is ending. I don't hear the distinctive sound of the marines' weapons anymore. Valdes is readying another rocket...

08:11 PM #
The marines are probably dead. I have to make Valdes miss The Anomaly with his rocket and hope another lightning strike happens.

08:13 PM #
If I'm lucky, the lightning will follow the rocket's cable down, then spark along the first cable, all the way to the fuel truck...

08:16 PM #
All I have to do is survive taking out Valdes, timing it so that he releases the rocket off target, and then hope I survive what follows...

08:17 PM #
I don't expect to. I had to be lucky to live this long in a zombie-ruled world. My luck can't hold forever. ...Here goes nothing...